Always eat as much variety as you can!

Around here, we usually have a lot of food at dinner. We LOVE variety, and who doesn’t? Variety is the spice of life, and we love experimenting with foods we don’t usually purchase.
Here we have roasted pumpkin, kohlrabi and persimmons, along with some tempeh and a delicious, creamy sauce. I even made a slaw of grated carrot and beets. Delicious! who says vegetables are boring? There are a few things on this plate I don’t usually have, like pumpkin and kohlrabi, and it’s incredible how many different types of vegetable options there are out there. I usually steam squash, but it is nice to have some roasted once in a while. I usually don’t add anything to them until they are out of the oven, then I put a little coconut oil on them and some low salt spices.

How do you enjoy your favourite roasted vegetables?