Mastering the front Lever

The front lever is no joke, it looks simple, but it’s anything but simple, or easy. It takes a lot of strength and endurance, and it is not an exercise every one can do… It is something you work towards! It is phenomenal for core strength and one of the best exercises you can do for your core muscles. I can do a front lever successfully, but it took me a lot of practice and I had to build my strength up. If you are just starting out, and don’t have the core strength to hang from a bar and hold your body somewhat parallel, follow these steps¬†and you will be on your way in no time. In my video below, I show you how to improve your front lever technique by simply pulling one leg close to your chest, while the other leg is straight out in the classic front lever position. This movement helps increase strength and helps your body and core “learn” what it feels like to be in a front lever position. It is easier than having both legs straight out and is an easy way to ease in to a front lever.

Try it out if you can and tell me what you think!