Energy Bites!


These delicious energy bites are my go to creation to have on hand for a quick snack during the day. I teach a nutrition workshop to at risk youth and they love the taste of these as well as being involved in helping to make them. They take less than 10 minutes to make and are a great way of incorporating healthy fats in to your diet. These bites are also very easy to ‘customize’ and you can create a lot of different flavours by adding or mixing different nuts, seeds, spices and other goodies together. The options are endless!

Energy Bites Recipe

2 tbsp Nut or seed butter (choose your fav or mix two!)
10 – 15 Dates (Medjool dates work well!)
1/4 – 1/2 cup nuts or seeds (choose your favs or put in a mixture of different kinds)

*Optional: Add spices/flavouring! Good options include: cinnamon, lemon or orange zest, vanilla, pumpkin spice, cayenne, nutmeg, or ginger.
*Optional: Add in your favourite goodies like dried coconut flakes, chopped dried fruit, raisins, berries or chocolate chips! Be creative!

Mix ingredients by hand or in a high powdered blender/food processor until mixed well and has desired texture. Roll into balls and roll in shredded coconut flakes. You can also flatten the mixture into a shallow dish and make your own bars! These are great for a snack during a busy day or after school. Enjoy and have fun experimenting.