My Skin Care Tricks

I am sure we have all – at one time – had skin issues. I know I have. Eating a clean, plant based diet has helped tremendously, but I still had a few breakouts or pimples from time to time.. I have also struggled with , dermatitis around my nose for years now. Thankfully, I stumbled upon two amazing, natural health products that have worked wonders for my skin and dermatitis around my nose.

The products I use are New Roots Organic Oregano Oil and organic Aloe Vera gel.
Watch the video above to see how I apply them to my face (it’s pretty simple). My skin has been so clear and looks younger than ever after using these on it (I have been doing so for the last 4 months). I’m in my early 30s and my skin has never felt better or looked better!

The biggest changes in my skin came from eating more plants, like I said before. This did a lot for my skin and will likely help most people. Lot’s of water and exercise are key as well! If you eat lots of plants, exercise, drink lots of water and STILL have skin issues, try my skin care routine out and tell me how it works and what you think!

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