Derek Simnett received his Certified Nutritional Practitioner Diploma with first class honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.

Derek's passion for health sparked his decision to try a whole foods, plant based diet in 2011. Since making that change, Derek has never felt better and wants to share his success with you!

Being a competitive athlete most of his life, Derek now focus' on performance based nutrition. He loves to help people reach their fitness and lifestyle goals through healthy, wholesome food with a natural approach to fitness and movement.

Derek helps give his clients the edge to unlock their inner athlete by combining their goals with supportive one on one personal coaching.


Derek has been able to share his knowledge with many individuals and athletes aspiring to energize and perform at their best through nutrition talks and workshops at The Running Room the Greater Vancouver YMCA as well as through one on one personal coaching.

Dereks passion for nutrition combined with his uplifting, focused approach leaves his clients feeling motivated, confident and well equipped to take their health and performance to the next level!
Change is easy when you have the best help available!

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