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Upper Chest Targeted Dip Workout

Dips. We all do them, but most people think they only help develop the triceps. In this video, I show you how you can make a simple body weight dip work your upper chest and get you more muscle definition in the upper body. Go hard, use proper form and tell me what you think! (more…)

Lower abs BURN OUT

Hey everyone! Happy weekend.. I hope you are all enjoying it with the ones you love most!
I have another great ab workout for you all, but with that being said, it isn’t an easy one. You really want to make sure you have a strong and flexible lower back for this one. It looks a lot harder than it seems. (more…)

Losing focus in your work out? Try this exercise! (Calisthenics inspired) VIDEO

I love going down to the work out bars I live close to. So many fun pieces of equipment to do different exercises on. The video below shows me doing one of my favourite movements that I go to when I feel that my workout is losing momentum. It’s great to have a few of these fun, more aerobic movements that you can do when you start losing steam or focus to bring the energy back up! The monkey bars help, too! Anyone have any other movements or exercise I should try? Let me know!



How to get your upper Pec muscles PUMPED!

Get that upper pec pumped up!
I try not to focus on single areas too much, but this movement is too good for that! Make sure to have your workout rings the same height (if they are adjustable), and always do a warm up before you start working out!

How to perform this workout:
Perform a ‘normal’ push up motion while holding on to your rings, when at the top of the push up movement, cross your arms over and squeeze like you are giving yourself a bear hug. It’s harder than it looks and I can guarantee you will feel it the next day!

Remember: When you eat right, you perform better!